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    Deviant Force Records
Renato Moreira was born in 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Starting his journey in the electronic music field in 1998, he begun to gain a taste for computorized production in that same year using Rebirth 1.0.
Evolving in 2000 into the use of hosts like FL Studio, Cakewalk Sonar, Ableton Live and, more recently, Cubase .His first experiences were across genres of electronic like Breakbeat, Downtempo and House, before turning to the more dark path of psychedelic trance in his selftitled project LAB, influenced by the upcoming wave of russian sounds. LAB's music is based on fast passed and groove full beats, inducing futuristic ambiences and breaks, featuring powerful mental twisting leads!
In the last 10 years LAB has performed Live Acts and DJ Sets all over the world, in festivals and parties located in places like :
Austin , Texas, USA
Berlin and Munich, Germany
Bratislava, Slovakia
Everywhere, Portugal,
Geneve, Switzerland
Grenoble, Champgne, Bordeaux , France
Gent and Antwerp, Belgium
Innsbruck, Austria
Mumbai, Panchgani, Delhi, Bangalore and Goa , India
New York, USA
Prague, Czech Republic
San José, Costa Rica
Stockolm, Sweden
Treviso, Italy
Warsaw and Gdynia, Poland
LAB has cooperated in many production projects (new tracks and remixes) from and with artists such as Ocelot, Simian, Zik, Orestis, Claw , CPC, Mubali, Muscaria Frantic Noise, Sonic Scizzors, Chromatec, Gu, Twisted Kala, Kiryiama, Malice in Wonderland, Mania-X, Illow , Karran Khanna, Hydrae and Yanantin .
Numerous releases have also been out in the last years in compilations in CD format, several EP's and one Full Length album called "Roleplayers" , with labels such as :
2to6 Records
5th Element Records
6362 Metaforce
Active Meditation Music
Anarchic Frequency
Blitz Music
Darklife Records
Dead of Night Records
Deviant Force Records
Digital Yonkis
Discovalley Rec
En Sof
Freak Rec
Fusion Craft Rec
Golden Dawn Records
Green Wizards
Maniac Psycho Pro
MoonStation Records
No Comment Records
Sangoma Rec
Temple Twisters
Currently, LAB is in straight cooperation with the labels No Comment Records from Poland, Devilsmind Records from Sweden, Quest4Goa, from Portugal and Deviant Force Records based in Munich, Germany.
A self compiled CD was made; "VA: Laboratorium" for No Comment Records, containing 10 unreleased tracks of many new and old artists in the Psytrance scene.
Lab hosted a remix competition of his EP "Clean Air Turbulence", resulting in a new high quality and free release on DVSM rec., allowing new artists to be discovered and enjoyed.
In parallel, LAB is producing Downtempo, Lounge and Progressive with a new project, Unikorp, with several acts performed all over the world, market releases and more to come .