Loose Connection

Loose Connection
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    Loose Connection
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    Free Radical Records/Catawampus Records/Kamino Records

Loose Connection is the psy trance project of Kris oddity and Simon Morris. Our project is aimed for darker more twisted times of the night where both of our love of psy trance lies.
The idea is to have a hard, high energy feel with deep psychedelic sounds and glitch patterns while
played over a fat chunky bassline.

We've both been into music as far back as we can remember.

(Kris) When I was old enough to start developing my taste more in music I listened to lots of stoner rock and punk, until I found my path with electronic music,where I found the likes of IDM, electronica and tech step drum and bass and started joining bands playing bass. I started out in the dance scene in acid techno free parties in the Welsh mountains and warehouses until i met a certain group of friends which introduced me to psy trance and I finally found what I've been searching for. Since then I began to DJ in a local party which my mate Lloyd Positivist and Morris and I put on called "Chaos Theory". I decided that I wanted to create my own spin on what I thought psychedelic music is for me and began writing music on Cubase with Morris. Its now been two years since we started writing tunes together and as the journey unfolds I find myself delving deeper into creation and meeting amazing people along the way.

As for me (Morris) I was never really into music much when I was younger, spent most of my time riding BMX and listening to metal, but then when I was older I discovered a love for dance music after finally getting it. I started off listening to drum and bass then played techno and acid techno for a year or two, playing and partying in warehouses or free parties. I wanted to make music for years but never knew anyone who had the tools to do it, then I met Lloyd Positivist who directed me towards Cubase. Been making music ever since. Made lots of unfinished stuff on my own but then teamed up with Kris February 2009 to start Loose Connection. We seem to click and have the same idea towards a night time sound, which is cool because we have been mates for years! Its been a cool trip so far and have made many more friends in the process. Look forward to meeting more!