Onkel Dunkel

Onkel Dunkel
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    Onkel Dunkel
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    Parvati Records

Onkel Dunkel is the solo project of Monno, member of G.O.W.

The goal is hopefully with music as a medium to let people listening be able to go into a state that is normally not possible to reach in our noisy environments.

With technology as an intermediary i try as hard as i can to reintegrate human consciousness with nature. New age babble apart i confess openly to be an incurable gear slut. All things that go ping and/or light up when recieving midi messages seem to be piling up at my place. Oh and did i mention a slight fetich for knobs on synths, guess it..s the price to pay for spending more time around synths than people these days.

Now after a good while being stuck in my own mind i have a live set ready for action , open for bookings!

stay tuned…i might appear in a forest near you. As to what kinda music i do, i won..t go as far as to categorise my music. Take a listen and judge for yourself.