Sator Arepo

Sator Arepo
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    Sator Arepo
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    Deviant Force Records
SATOR AREPO tenet opera rotas.... an perpetual constancy of the circular motion of the cosmic order born in man-shape as Dominik from Munich/Germany.

Little is known about his past. Rumors say that he began with the music production back in 2007. People who claimed to know more from his past disappeared without a trace. Influenced by nearly everything in his environment and uncountable experiments he developed his unique style. 
He set oneself a target to fill the souls and dancefloors around the globe with full power energetic and mental nighttime tunes which take u on a spiritual journey of acoustical perceptions.
People should be put in an ecstasy, turning their inner outward, losing time and space till they blast the borderlines of their mind and consciousness.

Dry Kick Bass variations stomping hard into your brain!!! Sharp scissors flying around your head and apocalyptical motions pulling u deeply into an endless vortex of emotions and visions.
Together with other creatures of the dark he formed the circle Deviant Force Records based in Munich.
Beside his solo project, Dominik is active in different collaborations:

Cracked Nozes with RaWar
Haunted Spectre with Silent Horror
Questing Beast with Kobold Instinct
He is also co-organising the party series "Survival Of The Fittest", which is well known in the southern region of Germany.

Get prepared for a mind-blowing adventure on the dance-floor.....!!!!