Will O Wisp

Will O Wisp
  • Name
    Will O Wisp
  • Genres
    Darkpsy / Hi-Tech
  • Country
  • Label
    Dark Prisma Records

Will O' Wisp is the brainchild of Gaston Mellino, a psychedelic audio explorer hailing from Buenos Aires, that has pioneered the introduction of modular synthesis into psychedelic trance. He has spent countless hours in his Laboratory distilling new age sounds, creating a baroque futuristic patchwork of profound moments and bright melodies.

Puzzle Symphony, his debut album for Dark Prisma, is a complex tapestry of beautiful and brutal sonic experiments that has brought forward a new era in Hi Tech and Dark Psy. He is also responsible for Quantum Mechanica, together with Glosolalia, a project that has expanded and redefined the whole soundscape of Psychedelic Trance.