• Name
  • Genres
    Psychedelic / Darkpsy
  • Country
  • Label
    Sonic Loom Music

ZikOre project is the result of a collaboration between the Greek masterminds Zik & Orestis,
The project created in the year 2006 in Greece, when both meet for the first time, they knew exactly what will follows.

Orestis & Zik, combines the top of there own solo style projects into a massive psychedelic orgasm, unique of his kind.

A fairy tail journey with twisted sounds, off beats sequences and crazy sound design are some of there elements.

The project is known worldwide, performing almost in all edges of the planet earth. A succeeded recipe for any insane mind.

After various releases in many labels as (Temple Twisted, Discovalley, Quantum Frog, Serephana Records, Agathra Records & Sonic Loom Music) the time to spread a complete message is getting close and closer.
There album in Sonic Loom Music is a fact, and coming really soon.
Stay aware and keep it psyched