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    Shanti Planti / LooneyMoon Experiment / Merkaba Music

Bayawaka is psychedelic chill out and broken beats DJ from Jerusalem, Israel. Well known for his style nowadays he is busy spinning as a label DJ for Shanti Planti, LooneyMoon Experiment, Mikelabella Records and Merkaba Music.

His love to psychedelic culture started at the end of the 90’s. He lived in Tel Aviv where he used to produce events and parties. After some time he moved to Berlin. Inspired by electronic psybass, breaks and chillout he start to play at underground events. After he joined Enigmatik Records in 2012. his DJ career blossomed. He played all over the Europe, from small venues to big festivals like Boom, Ozora, Fusion, S.U.N, Freqs of Nature, Lost Theory, Doof, etc.