• Name
  • Genres
    Psychedelic Progressive
  • Country
  • Label
    Zenon Records

Jaakko is the progressive psytrance project of the Portuguese born Tiago. He is the founder of the Fusion Gatherings, having thrown hundreds of events under his belt in his city of Porto & hosting the crème de la crème of electronic music artists.

Jaakko is now also a member of the iconic label Zenon Records. His personal interpretation of psytrance goes into a Deep World of the Dark-Prog Zenonesque with a hypnotic techish flavor. A truly psychedelic aesthetic landscape through a mental & physical journey (un)balanced on a sporadic groovy emotional dive.

He has gone worldwide, performing gigs in Israel, Goa, Germany, UK, Holland & Morocco at some of the most wicked clubs & outdoor festivals like the Boom Festival, Psy-Fi, Neopop, Enter/Minus, Lost Theory, Freedom Festival, etc.

"For those who don't know my work, my approach to the performance on stage & as I’m always looking for the latest technology to add to my setup includes multi-track mixing & drum-machine played live. It can feel quite weird at first glance but I really love the feeling of the classic drum sounds layering with the wicked zenonesque progressive grooves."