Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue

Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue
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    Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue
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    Home records

“Through my music, I hope to take listeners on a journey to self exploration, self discovery, and self acceptance.” – Marcus Henriksson For 17 years, the names Son Kite and Minilogue, Marcus’ brainchild together with Sebastian Mullaert, have created such a powerful impact in the electronic music scene that today, hundreds of thousands of dancers and listeners can claim to have been a traveller, at some point in their lives, in the many hypnotic musical journeys that the duo has created over the years. Their music has not only been etched into the mindscapes of many experienced connoisseurs of electronic music, but also carved into history as P3 Guld’s Best Dance Music Act in Sweden 2008. In 2013, Marcus and Sebastian decided to explore their musical careers along separate paths. And it was then, that Marcus conceived the project: Nobody Home, and took flight with it. Nobody Home. Free creative expression. Home is where your heart is. As a shy young boy, at a tender age of just six, Marcus placed his tiny fingers on the black and white keys of the piano for the first time in his life. And immediately, he discovered his most powerful medium of expression – music. Drawing inspiration from influential musicians such as Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, and Front 242, young Marcus quickly graduated to the Amiga 500 tracker program. With this, he created his first-ever sequenced loops and mashed up tracks from ABBA and Skinny Puppy. Marcus Henriksson’s first “mega mix” was born, and with it, the birth of his music career – He was 10 years old.


Take sheer stubbornness and slowly heat it up with a fiercely burning passion, then add a life-changing rave experience, throw in a pinch of entheogens, plus a generous serving of yoga and meditation. Now, we’re starting to come closer to what made Marcus Henriksson the self-taught musician he is today. “With every set I play, I attempt to create a multisensory setting for the dancers to free themselves from the fetters of society and truly, be.” The worldwide success of Minilogue and Son Kite formed a solid foundation for Marcus’ continued exploration of his unique sounds and how he could spread the powerful message of universal, unconditional love through the musical journeys that he takes his audiences on. In recent years, the incredible richness and depth of the signature Marcus Henriksson and Nobody Home sound has become the highlight of countless raves and festivals. To him, being able to help create a conducive setting for deeper exploration of our inner worlds is a privilege and huge honour. Just as he uses his gifts to serve his listeners, the wondrous souls on the dance floor, you and me, are his biggest inspiration and motivation. And as his hypnotic beats continue pumping through the speakers, he is slowly, but surely, creating the universal bassline that all hearts will one day beat to.