• Name
  • Genres
    Psychedelic Progressive / Tech Trance
  • Country
  • Label
    Pistolero Records

Mayix is label manager/selector of Pistolero Recordings, freestyle electronic music label from Zagreb (Croatia). Pistolero is focused on underground psychedelic sounds (Dub, Breakbeat, Psybreaks, Psyprog, Psytech, Psytrance, Techno, Minimal, Psychill, Trip Hop and all in between). Mayix a.k.a. Zmayo is also resident DJ & organizer at Pistolero, longest running psybreaks night in Europe (now more psy-prog-tech oriented), based at club Attack (AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia) and his sets can mostly be described as psy-prog-tech-trance-breaks combination.