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    Pure Substance

The one thing that strikes you about Odd is that he is a rather odd character indeed. Look up the meaning in any dictionary and synonyms like quirky, eccentric, funny, quaint and zany immediately jump out at you. Friendly to a fault and yet when you start speaking with him you immediately get to see a deeper more involving personality starting to emerge. Dig a bit deeper and you go down a rabbit hole of wonder, fun, excitement and surprises. That is also pretty much how you would describe one of Odd’s DJ sets. No two experiences are ever the same.

Having experienced the regional night scene in the urban jungle of KL post the non-apocalyptic Y2k to the rave scene of the tropical jungles of Kho Phangan and onward into the unorthodox mayhem of the European psy-trance festival scene. Whether it was getting stuck into production of a festival behind the scenes of Modem Festival, playing to over 8000 way up front in a Hungarian Festival to taking the dark and groovy dancefloor of the Kyo (Ren) in his native KL , Odd has been a keen sponge absorbing music, energies, experiences and connections. It is this collective accumulation of cosmic experiences and learnings that have turned Odd into the masterful dance floor destroyer cum storyteller that he is.