• Name
  • Genres
    Dark Progressive
  • Country
  • Label
    Zenon Records / Uroboros Records

Tijah is renowned for his sophisticated and mysterious sound. The groundbreaking project has as main influences strands of Australian psychedelic progressive trance and styles like techno, funk and the good and old rock and roll. Juliano Bcheche is the producer responsible for the idealization and creation of Tijah. He has released an album, Fullness (2013), and four EPs, the latest one for Zenon Records. He also contributed to several Brazilian and foreign compilations, such as German, Italian, Chilean and Australian. Last year, in his Europe Tour, Tijah made performances in more than five countries, including festivals in Russia, Croatia and France. His work is based on deep lines of modern synths and elaborated basslines, arranged with special and unique grooves. This combination generates a very characteristic sound design, easily perceptible with its remarkable ability to engage the dancefloor.