Toffes Värld

Toffes Värld
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    Toffes Värld
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    Kabalion rec.

Toffes Värld (aka Kris Dubinsky) is the moniker of Kristoffer Jonsson, a flotation tank researcher and passionate music maker rooted in the Swedish woods. He was introduced to the Scandinavien psy-forest scene at an early age and was basically blown away. Ever since then he has been dedicated to weave sonic worlds, and combining them into an extended journey in sound.  His music has been describes as a “relic of light, radiating prismatic gradients throughout the globe all the way back down into its deepest dub techno core”, and as an “invitation to take a stroll towards eternity where the elves are dancing in the first sunrays of dawn”. His latest release was a dubby vinyl EP on Kabalion Records, as well as an ambient-oriented release on Shimmering Mood Records together with Warmth.