Val Vashar

Val Vashar
  • Name
    Val Vashar
  • Genres
    Hypnotic Techno / Zenonesque
  • Country
  • Label
    Zenon Records

Val Vashar is a longtime member of the Croatian underground scene. Today he's mainly oriented to progressive and techno sound. No matter what style he plays the common denominator is always psychedelic. From mid 2009., he became part of Zenon Records family and Glitchy.Tonic.Records team as a label DJ. Along with a bunch of smaller or bigger parties over the years, he has played at various festivals such as UWOG, Boom, Mo:Dem, Freqs Of Nature, Doof, Hadra, OZORA, Lost Theory etc. Although there are a bunch of various projects behind him, today he is only involved in Mo:Dem Festival organization.