Volunteers Application


Wellcome to our volunteering program. If you are interested in working with us, it means you feel the call for co-creating this special Festival and find in you the desire to put in time and sweat without measure to uplift the production from whatever angle you can help with.

Although we have several rules for participating as a volunteer, the main thing we ask for is a full capacity to work under pressure and with others as a team. In past editions we have experienced (a small group of) people coming with the sole motivation of getting a free ticket and food, and some have been very disappointing experiences for us. On a different tone, the majority of people coming as volunteers in past editions have been a big success in their participation, and have made a huge positive impact in the final product we deliver to our attendees; these are the people we are looking for.

With this said and cleared before anything, second basic aspect is that we ask all participants of the volunteer program to purchase a ticket, either through an Ambassador in your country or our authorised dealer at hadra.com. Once you have identified the true motivation behind your desire to participate, and have purchased a valid ticket, you may proceed in filling out the volunteer program forms and begin this journey of artistic co-creation with us.

Welcome to Mo:Dem team, we see all as equals in this interesting and weird family of ours and value everyones support.

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