Taiwan Teaser Party

After being invited to perform at Mo:Dem Festival multiple times, Dragon a.k.a Kerlivin, one of the founders of UTUX Productions, developed a close connection with the organizers. This led to the idea of hosting a Mo:Dem Teaser Party in Taiwan. Considering the shared values of ‘Love. Passion. Commitment.’, ‘ecological awareness, nature preservation’, and ‘the commitment to maintaining and investing in event quality and content’, which align closely with the core principles of UTUX, the Mo:Dem Taiwan Teaser powered by UTUX was born. This event will feature artists and installations from Mo:Dem Festival, offering everyone the opportunity to embark on a psychedelic journey of love, passion, and commitment!

UTUX Productions

⏳Event Duration⏳
2024 June 8 ~ June 10
Gate opens at 10am on June 8th
Gate closes at 12pm on June 10th


Taiwan Miaoli – Moon Shine Valley.
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💰Ticket Info💰
Ticket prices do not include camping or parking spaces.
Camping and parking are limited, so please reserve in advance.
❗On-site camping and parking cannot be reserved or added to when purchasing onsite tickets.

Super Fan Ticket (Limited to 50) Sales begin at 10 AM on April 1 (Monday)
NT$ 3500/ticket(Sold Out)

Early Bird Ticket
NT$ 3800/ticket
How do I purchase Early Bird Tickets?
Please open the Google Form link as follows:

Fill in the amount of the tickets, camping and parking, and other necessary information on the form, then transfer the payment to the bank account provided on the Google Form.
Once the team confirms that the payment is successful, we will contact you via Google Form email to confirm and provide you with a Five-Digit Password. Please remember this password and keep it safe (each ticket has a unique password). On the day of the event, please present “Your Bank Account Name + Five-Digit Password” at the ticket booth to change your wristband for entry.
Late Bird Ticket
NT$ 4500/ticket

On-site Two Day Ticket
NT$ 5500/ticket

On-site Single Day Ticket
NT$ 3000/ticket

NT$ 1000 per 4M*4M tent for 2 nights

NT$ 500 per vehicle for 3 days

Friendly Reminder 💡
If you decide to purchase the on-site single-day ticket, please note the following:
Entry on June 8 with a one-day stay requires a deposit of NT$3000, which is refundable if you leave before midnight.
No deposit is required for single-day entry on June 9.

🗨️ Camping and parking are limited. Please register and pay in advance if you need them. Thank you all for your support!

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