There is nothing left that has not been said already, but we will repeat it just in case. What makes Mo:Dem a unique and oddest festival, is created by all of US. Year by year, our ideas and plans are being manifested into reality with your constant love and support. THANK YOU!

Mo:Dem wouldn’t happen without endless dedication and fanatism of our team, workers, friends and family. THANK YOU!

A longer break after our last post doesn’t mean that we had nothing to say. On the contrary, we wanted to hear what you have to say first. THANK YOU for your sincere comments and remarks. We have already started working on a better and more comfortable Mo:Dem Festival. The date has already been set…

MoDem Festival 2024 (Momento Demento)

…join us in 2024. Let’s create one more unforgettable memory together.

With love, passion and commitment.
Mo:Dem Crew

Photos by Pamp’